G’day Suspects!

Greetings to all my old friends, past players and Vigilantes and Rick and The Goose followers.

Back on the interwebs with a noo look and more stuff. I’m not doing any gigs these days because of family commitments, but I’m spending a lot of time in my studio writing, recording and doing work for other people. Have so far done two albums for old mate and ex Vigilante drummer Clayton Black, one and a half Rick and The Goose albums, edited some stuff for Jazzworx here in Brisbane and even recorded two albums for an Irish choir! Got to keep your hand in.

Played some slide and straight guitar on Clayton’s stuff and have been messing around with my great new Taylor acoustic and plugging my Fender and Gibson planks into my collection of vintage amps and pedals. Back to having fun, just like when I was a kid!

Bluebelle the Mirror Strat

Feel free to browse this site. I’ll add stuff to it as it comes to mind. Probably a lot of grumbling about modern “music”. Like, for example, what they now call “Rhythm and Blues” definitely is not Rhythm and Blues! R&B is the music that was made by Don Covay, Ray Charles, Bobby Womack, Aretha Franklin, Al Green, Sam Cooke, Gladys Knight & The Pips, Percy Sledge, Otis Redding, Sam & Dave, Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield etc etc. Just ask the Stones.

I’ve got another new website!

Head over to http://rickveneer.audio/ which is my new audio site dedicated to recording and mixing and stuff. This site is about music, that one’s about recording it. My other passion.