Brainworx Bx_Opto Pedal Compressor Review



Great Brainworx Optical Compressor Pedal Plugin free offer has now expired, but it’s still a bargain at $49

bx_opto compressor plugin

The bx_opto pedal plugin sells for US$49.

I’ve been using this plugin for a little while now (it suits virtually all Mac and Windows rigs) and it is a different take on the famous sound and action of the optical compressors of old (think LA2A etc), but with extra tweakability. The Speed control never existed in the hardware originals, but it adds to the fun. Optical compressors can react in a an unpredictable way to the dynamics of the incoming signal and give results that are termed “rich” and “musical”.

The brainworx bx_opto pedal is a good compressor plugin that can go from sweet leveling to ruthless squashing. And it’s RED. so it’s got to be good, doesn’t it?

Brainworx, through Plugin Alliance also offer a bigger brother (or sister) version with more control and side chain facilities.

The larger bx_opto comp is $149

Either way you can’t lose. The pedal is nice, handy for vocals, bass, guitars, drums and more, while the bigger version is better featured and, in my opinion, one of the best compressor plugins available.

If you visit the Plugin Alliance Site you’ll also find some very nice and useful freeware plugins.