Brainworx bx_subfilter


The new bx_subfilter is a very useful section taken from the larger bx_subsynth plugin, which itself is based on the dbx 120XP subharmonic synthesizer with some very useful additions not found on the original hardware .

This free plugin doesn’t include the subharmonic synth section, but is the filter section with an addition not found on it’s parent plugin – a switch to control the amount of resonance, very useful for manipulating tone and harmonics.

Apart from gain in and out controls and the resonance switch, there are input and output meters and two awesome controls aptly labelled “Tight Punch” and “Low End.” Put this plugin on a drum bus and slowly increase the Tight Punch control and listen with a big smile on your dial to what happens to the kick drum. It doesn’t need much to make the kick really stand out, adding definition, even when used on the master bus. The Low End control does what it says, with the zero setting in the centre, so it can be used either way.

The Resonance switch has 3 settings from Low to Extreme and helps to affect the  colour of the signal by controlling the level of the resonance of the filter. The plugin can be nicely overdriven by cranking the input gain and adjusting the output level to suit.

This is a fresh sounding, powerful and extremely useful little plugin that can enhance drums (especially the kick), bass, synths and any lower register content you can think of. It makes things sound fat and clear and as well as adding punch and definition it can also clear up that low end mud. Because it works on the lower end of the spectrum, it can be used, as I mentioned earlier, on the stereo bus to bring out, for example, a great kick drum sound and level from a mix that lacks punch.

It also has two really great things going for it – it’s made by brainworx so it’s top quality and it’s absolutely free! Most people would happily pay money for such a great tool. Grab yours now at:

Here’s Pete from with his video review. Take it away, Pete!