Brainworx bx_subfilter

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The new bx_subfilter is a very useful section taken from the larger bx_subsynth plugin, which itself is based on the dbx 120XP subharmonic synthesizer with some very useful additions not found on the original hardware . This free plugin doesn’t include the subharmonic synth section, but is the filter section with an addition not found on it’s parent […]

Lindell TE-100 E.Q. Plugin

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Hey folks, it’s been a while, but I’m back with a sensational new plugin from Lindell and the Plugin Alliance team. As the manual says, “This plugin faithfully reproduces the behavior and character of the K&H® UE­100 tube equalizer, a 60s all tube active equalizer that weighs 25kg and contains no less than 14 tubes!” […]

Acme Audio Opticom XLA-3 Compressor

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This little gem is a new release from the brilliant brainworx stable, part of Plugin Alliance, the home of some very classy software. The high end hardware Acme Audio Opticom XLA-3 optro compressor limiter this plugin models is an all valve (tube) unit, as described on the Acme website: “The opticom xla-3 is an all-tube […]

Waves Kramer Master Tape Review

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The Waves Kramer Master Tape was modelled on a vintage Ampex valve (tube) 1/4 inch master machine that was in use in the glory days by many famous rock acts blessed to record with the legendary engineer Eddie Kramer (Jimi Hendrix, Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, Led Zepellin, Jimi Hendrix and some other bands) at […]

Waves Renaissance Channel Review

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Waves Renaissance Maxx is a bundle that contains a number of plugins under the “Renaissance” banner, hinting at some vintage ancestry. There’s currently the R Bass, R Axx, R Compressor, R DeEsser, R Equalizer, R Reverb and R Vox in the Renaissance range. The bundle also includes the Tune LT and IR-L Convolution Reverb. If you read interviews with many mix engineers […]

Waves Q10 EQ Review

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The Waves Q10 “Paragraphic” Equalizer is apparently the first plugin that Waves produced, many years ago. Since it’s inception it has obviously had many “under the hood” updates and has long been a go-to tool for most professional engineers and producers when “surgical” eq is required. The Q10 is a 10 band fully parametric equaliser […]

Nomad Factory Pulse-tec EQs Review

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The Nomad Factory Pulse-Tec EQs is an emulation of two famous equalisers from the 1950’s. (The EQP1 was released in 1951). In addition to the two eq modules, this big rack also includes a stereo preamp with a switchable “Clipper” circuit for obviously adding some signal clipping if desired. This preamp can be useful and […]

Waves Scheps 73 Review

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The Waves Scheps 73 eq plugin is modelled after a Neve 1073 equaliser belonging to the well known engineer Andrew Scheps. The 1073 was the preamp and eq channel section from one of the early Neve desks, the A88, built in 1970. This is virtually the most sought after preamp/eq in the recording world, famous […]

Nomad Factory BT Analog TrackBox Review

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The BT Analog Trackbox is part of the Blue Tube series of plugins from Nomad Factory. The Blue Tubes series is designed to have the sonic character of valve (tube) gear, although they are original ideas and not emulations of famous hardware. The BT Analog Trackbox can best be described as a channel strip, with all the features […]