Rick and The Goose

The acoustic blues team of Rick and The Goose which is myself and the lovely Barry (Little Goose) Harvey is now sadly off the road.

Poor old Goosie, who played double bass and drums (at the same time!) while I bashed the guitar and harp and sang a bit, is now suffering from frontal lobe dementia, which has severely affected his life and struck while we were halfway through our second album, which was to be the follow up to “Valley Of The Blues” (available on Big Rock Records here).

Little Goose is one of the most talented drummers this country has ever seen. He’s played on many big hits from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, toured with Chain, Kevin Borich, The Vigilantes and many more, written the most amazing book on rhythm and music notation, did the jazz degree at the famous Berklee College of Music in Boston and taught hundreds of students to play.

I’m trying to get some of the stuff we recorded for the second album finished in between other projects and I keep in regular touch with Goose. He has some problems with a lot of things these days, but he can still put his kit together and make all the fine adjustments and jams regularly at a local Brisbane session. The drummer is still in there!

Above: Rick (r) and The Goose

Below: Two Ol’ Blues Guys! Little Goose (l) and Rick in the studio 2013

Down below is a couple of tracks featuring the Goose. One is from our first album, Valley Of The Blues, with Goose on bass, kick drum and hi hat, recorded live in my studio.

The second is part of a Rick Veneer and The Vigilantes live jam, an “off the desk” recording at a big private party in Brisbane held by the lady who became Goose’s wife many years later, the lovely Kerry Harvey. It’s great to see Kerry looking after her man and keeping him smiling after all they’ve been through. What a woman! The band was the latest lineup of the Vigilantes, with the amazing Phil Hoffman (below) on bass and Goose and myself having fun in the key of E. Goose plays one of the most awesome drum solos ever. A real gem!

Click on them to listen and you can right click on them (save as) to download them for free. I hope you enjoy them.

Phil “Hoffy” Hoffman

Oily Rag – Rick and The Goose

Remember This – Rick Veneer and the Vigilantes